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Cutting Tools:

Carbide Blanks
Carbide Boring Bars
Carbide Rotary Files
Carbide Drills
Carbide End Mills
Carbide Inserts
Carbide Tool Holders
Carbide Tool Bits
Cutoff Wheels
Deburring Tools
Diamond Dressers
Diamond Tools
Diamond Wheels
Drill Sets
End Mills (High Speed, Cobalt)
End Mills (Solid Carbide)
End Mill Holders
Grinding Wheels (Vitrified & Resin Bond)
Mounted Points
Reamers - All Types
Tap Holders
Taps, Special
Threading Dies
Saw Blades
Special Cutting Tools

Die Supplies:

Bolster Plates
Die Sets
Die Bushings
Die Buttons
Die Pins
Die Rubber
Die Springs
Dowel Pins
Gauge Stops
Press Feeds
Punches, Shoulder
Punches, Bal-Lock
Punch Retainers
Punches, Special
Shim Stock
Socket Screw
Spotter Punches
Spring Assortments
Springs, Special
Spring Cages
Spring Guards
Threaded Rods
Transfer Punches
Transfer Screws

Fixture Components:

Ground Plate
Socket Screw Products
Spring Plungers
Toggle Clamps (Hand, Air or Hydraulic)
Drill Bushings
Ball Lock Pins
"T" Pings & "L" Pins
Rest Buttons

PCS Mold Components:

Brass Socket/Pressure Plugs
Cavity Retainer Sets
Core Pins
Diamond Compounds
Die Springs
Ejector Pins (STD & Oversize)
Ejector Sleeves
Guided Ejectory System
Locating Rings
Mold Bases (A & B Series)
Shuttle Mold Bases
Sprue Bushings
Steel Shoulder Bushings
Stop Pins
Stop Rings
Stripper Plate
Support Pillars
"T" Series Mold Bases

Support Items:

Clamping Devices
Coolant Systems
Dead Blow Hammers
Hardness Testers
Heat Treat Furnaces (Gas & Electric)
Hole Punching & Notching
Layout Fluids (Dyes)
Letter & Figure Stamps
Press Feeds
Press Room Equipment
Rotary Tables
Sharpening Fixtures
Tool Chest, Wooden
Tool Sharpening Machines
Tool Wrap
Tooling Components
Vacuum Lifters